Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to School

So the summer is winding down and you are busy getting the kiddies ready for the new school year.  One thing to consider is a welcome back gift for your childs new teacher.  We all know teachers dont make that much money, but what some people dont know is that many of them buy their own classroom supplies.  Todays blog is going to be chock full of unique gift ideas for them.

Teacher Cake:

This cake is full of pencils, notebooks, glue, glue sticks, crayons, and paper towels.  Everything that a teacher can use and share with the class.

Survival Kit:

I love this idea.  Its a perfect gift for a new classroom.  It comes with the cutest card describing what each item is for.  Plus, the tub can be re-used for classroom supplies and storage.

Pencil Vase:

I absolutely love this.  This vase is covered in colored pencils and is a gift that can be re-used over and over again.  This will look great sitting on the teachers desk all year!

Candy Dish:

This is another gift that can be used all year.  All she will have to do is re-fill the dish with mints or candy and she is all set!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pirates! Argh!

So we all know girl parties are pretty easy.  Princess, Disney, Dora, the list is endless.  Even for little boy parties there are the staples.  Sports, Mickey, Cars.  But as boys get a bit older, a fun theme is harder to come by.

Pirates have become all the rage for boys recently.  We can thank Mr Depp for that :)  Here are some great ideas to help make your pirate party amazing.


These are awesome and so easy.  Just take your old soda bottles, cover them in masking tape, and draw on a skull (or use a sticker!).  You and your boy can dress up in pirate gear and hand deliver them to his friends.

Pirate Pops:

These are great to display or put into the goodie bags.  You can set them up on a table, put them in a treasure chest, use them as prizes along the way in a treasure hunt. (check these out for sale at )

Another easy DIY treat is cupcakes.  Most places like IParty sell themed cupcake sets.  They come with a cupcake holder and a flag.  Something like this:

Fun and Games:

A really easy DIY game is "Walk the Plank".  Its easy to put together, and really fun for all ages of kids.  You could even do an obstacle course of sorts.  If its hot out, you could have them walk over a kiddie pool, or even a mud puddle if you dare!

Another fun game is digging for treasure.  Depending on how large your party is, this can be done in a bucket or a sandbox/kiddie pool.  Just add sand and play jewelery or bags of gold candy, throw in some shovels and other things for digging, and let them have at it!

Party Favors:

Favors can include things like bags of gold, eye patches, bandanas, treasure maps, stickers, flags, rings and other "treasures", swords, a thank-you message in a bottle, telescopes, or even Pirates Booty popcorn!  A great way to display the favor bags is to put them in a treasure chest!  You could even hide the chest, give the birthday boy a map and let him and his friends go on a hunt for them.

All in all.  Its sure to be a great party!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh hello there!

Ok, so Im really going to be giving this blogging thing a chance.  Im so excited that I have a new website domain.  Make sure you all check it out!

I am going to try to be vigilant about keeping it updated and adding new pics.  I also have a new goal for my facebook page.  I want to get to 400 likes by the end of the year.  And yes this means if you dont already like my page, get over there and get to it!

I had something pretty awesome happen today.  Some of the things from my website ended up on Pinterest!  I feel pretty validated, lol.

So here is my plan moving forward.  Ill be posting new things that Im working on, doing some pretty awesome giveaways, special offers, and tutorials.  So bear with me while I get used to this!