Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh hello there!

Ok, so Im really going to be giving this blogging thing a chance.  Im so excited that I have a new website domain.  Make sure you all check it out!

I am going to try to be vigilant about keeping it updated and adding new pics.  I also have a new goal for my facebook page.  I want to get to 400 likes by the end of the year.  And yes this means if you dont already like my page, get over there and get to it!

I had something pretty awesome happen today.  Some of the things from my website ended up on Pinterest!  I feel pretty validated, lol.

So here is my plan moving forward.  Ill be posting new things that Im working on, doing some pretty awesome giveaways, special offers, and tutorials.  So bear with me while I get used to this!

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